Thursday, April 28, 2011



Milani- Train Case Sweepstakes

I'm sorry I thought posted the link but it you log on to you will find the sweepstakes. By the way I want all of you to know I never post anything that I have not signed up for myself.

A reason to register with ELF.....

I love to bring great offers to you along with other makeup ideas, any where I find an item on sale I'll be sure to post them for you so you don't have to search.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A reason to register with Bobby Brown Cosmetics on line

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Dont miss this

Earth Day meet Mother’s Day! 50% OFF MINERALS! Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off! Use code MINMOM by April 30, 2011.

1. Add the products of your choice from the Mineral category

Welcome to Crystal Powder

Have you ever been guilty of using the back of your hand as a "clean" palatte to mix and apply cosmetics to your clients? Let's face it, even if you wash/scrub your hands and use sanitizer, your skin is still not completely sanitary for this purpose. Some major
television networks really understand this and enforce strict rules for their MUA's
from using anything but an actual palette!
Now, there's no reason to be "frowned upon"
most importantly, there is no need to to be unsanitary.
A new palette has been created in which you may still have the convenience of having
your cosmetics "on hand" without having to use your hand!
A blank palette, strapped to your hand! How convenient!
I have it displayed to the back of my hand, but some MUA's have put it on their wrists, arms, and even the palm of their hands.. where will you put your Pro-pal?
I am entering into the "test market" phase of my invention.
If you would like to have your very own Pro-pal, please click on the CPI Store tab above.
If you have any questions, please email

MAC Pigment Samples - Makeup Samples

MAC Pigment Samples - Makeup Samples
I was web surfing and came across makeup geek's website where I noticed she offers pigment samples for a low price which is unbeatable. I have been a fan of hers for years, The great thing about purchasing these samples are you actually get to test drive them from your favorite name brands before you actually purchase.



I have these lip tars and they're very bright any daring girl will be happy to sport these lip colors. Take a look at the 2 I purchased.

My look for a night on the town

Yes I know I am wearing black on both pics but I have to different makeup looks..On one Im rocking a hot pink lip..

Naturally Bronzed !!!

This is me an all natural look with a touch of bronzer, the way it should be worn...

Monday, April 25, 2011

A few great products for under $25.00

Revlon-colorburst-1085You can these bright spring colors by Revlon for $9.00 at your local drug store.

Revlon-colorburst-1085Blush sticks, great steal for $3.99 at

Revlon-colorburst-1085Want to cover your tattoos and other marks try this for $7.95 at

Look what I found !!

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Makeup mistakes that turn men off

1. Eyeliner overload - I can totally understand this, who wants to look at a woman with raccoon eye's, I don't want to see a woman with dark circles under her eye let alone rings she as drawn.

2. Foundation at the neckline- OK these are great points... I have to give it up to the men. Being able to see your foundation at the neckline means 1 or 2 things....either your wearing the wrong color foundation or you are not blending it well, This should never ever happen ladies.

3.Honey kisses- Honey kisses is just super sticky lip gloss, who wants to wear a gloss that has your lips sticking imagine kissing your beaux and it looks like you smeared honey all over him.

4.Beauty marks- Drawn on moles, I like beauty moles although I don't have to draw mines on I'm ok with women who do......I just don't think it should move every time, I also don't want you to smudge it .... seems a little difficult to keep up with all day. Who came up with that anyway?

5.Fake bake- I'm a black girl and of course we don't tan to much, I have seen people who do and some baked to much I like to call it Crisp not a good look ladies if you don't need it leave it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Eye dream of Drini !!!!!!!!

I think I’m in love,. So I was doing my usual browsing trying to see what new I could bring to you and I ran across this phenomenal MUA that goes by the name Drini, I have to admit that I am always learning even though you hear me say I am the best at what I do (makeup) doesn’t mean that I am not eager or open to learning. I absolutely love her and I think she is an inspiration to young makeup artist. We have a lot in common we share the same interest in other MUA, Like Kevyn Aucoin etc. If you want more info on her you can find her at She is really amazing and now one of my favorite MUA so how about we make her BEAUTY OF THE DAY !!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Makeup for a great cause

So everyone knows about Mac's Viva Glam and it's Aids fund., But have you heard of Haughty Cosmetics and its fight against domestic violence. It's a lip gloss line for now, but I see it becoming a major cosmetic line soon.It comes in a variety of shades such as get em, over delivery, break a leg, etc. I love supporting makeup with a great cause and you should to. To take action against domestic violence support founder Michelle Coyle over at

Makeup for 8-12 yr olds

walmart04_thumb.jpgWalmart is going after the tween (ages 8-12) market (and their parents' wallets) with the newGeoGirl beauty line. That 8-year-olds need lipstick is another debate, but this line will offer colorful cosmetics and "mother approved" makeup products. According to a recent article in Women's Wear Daily, the formulas are designed for young skin and have natural ingredientslike white willow bark to exfoliate, chamomile, lavender and calendula to calm and antioxiodants. (Sounds a little much for a tweener, but I not a parent to one.)

There's a cleanser, mineral blush, liquid2power shadow, feather-lash mascara, face shimmer and body mist, among the offerings. The line, which will replace the space vacated by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cosmetics in Walmart, is set to debut next month in stores and at

I don't know about you but I dont think little girls should where makeup, being a makeup artist I know how harsh makeup can be on your skin if not worn properly. I'm OK with the skin cleansing mainly because puberty starts within that age frame and maybe a little lip gloss, but mineralized blush, foundation etc. absolutely not.

True to the game

Was browsing through some pics and I found these throwbacks, Now I wish I can find the camera I was using at the time.

Cosmetic surgery without the hassel

  • Sculpting your face:
    Your face angles should be highlighted; it will make you look slimmer. Use iridescent powder to highlight your brow and cheekbones. The parts of your face that recede can be darkened. Emphasis should be on the cheekbones. People with round face have cheeks with round apples. The trick is to sculpt the cheeks to create shadows and make them more defined. Use sculpting powder to sculpt your cheekbones. Apply this powder to your jaw lines and cheekbones. Create depth to your cheekbones by applying sculpting powder on both sides of your nose. Do not overuse blush and sculpting powder. However, if you do not apply both in proportion your face will look uneven. Take some time to get the right look.
  • Lip pluming:
    When your lips are full, the slimmer your face will look. For fuller lips, apply a dab of shimmer gloss to the center of your lower lip. The last tip for your round face to look leaner and more sculpted is to accentuate your lips. Your lips should look fuller.
  • With these tips who need cosmetic surgery, After all god did make us beautiful the way we are.