Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bogus Beauty Products

So I buy and use lots of makeup but, Im starting to notice lots of people selling fake/counterfeit MAC, Nars, Bobbi Brown. So today I am going to tell you how to spot a fake.

1. MAC eye shadow doesn't come with applicators.
2. The case is all wrong, MAC quads have a clear top.
3. MAC pigments are known for being bright not their eyeshadows
4. All MAC products comes in boxes (all).
5. MAC doesn't have cream eyeshadow

1.Nars eyeshadows are placed in metal container but u cant see the rims of it.
2. Eye liners comes in clear glass bottles, their also known for the boxy containers
3.Nars doesn't print their logo on their eyeshadows.

Please be aware of all cosmetic brushes, just about all brushes purchased from someone other than the manufacturer is pretty much a fake. The largest Mac pane palette is 15 not 80/120.

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